ShareASale’s New Shiny Dashboard Is Exactly What We All Needed

If it regards affiliate programs, ShareASale is just one of one of the absolute most well-known titles available on the market.

I’ve already been employing ShareASale for the last 6 decades and also have not ever had some problem with monitoring conversions along with becoming paidoff.

Additionally, ShareASale enables me find several of those brand new, appreciative of organizations that offer the environment some thing of significance. You may read my overview along with starting out direct of ShareASale right here .

While I really like all about ShareASale, ” I never ever enjoyed his or her dash. Without exception I felt as though that had been far behind the changing times and wanted a facelift.

Should you be the same as mepersonally, there’s some fantastic information…

ShareASale has revived their own dash, also it appears very excellent.

Here’s a sneak glimpse of this brand new, contemporary ShareASale dash:


This is the Way the action page appears:


Quick Report on Your New ShareASale Dash Board’s Appearance And Experience:

The brand new ShareASale dash board is undoubtedly a brand new up grade, and also the dash provides all of the pertinent advice that individuals want.

The fonts that are bigger and also decent usage of whitespace make it less difficult to immediately detect that which we have been searching to get, and this has been a little hassle using an older dash.

The following significant gap I have recognized is usage of major capabilities. Formerly I realized that even ShareASale’d 2-factor authentication, now, it’s prominently exhibited since you navigate via the Account configurations web page.


Even the Merchant Discovery webpage (certainly one of my favourite areas ) continues to be revamped, now it’s much easier to look for retailers to market.


All in all, the new UI is likely to create living less complicated for most present ShareASale affiliates as well as retailers. It is likely to soon be helpful to observe several customization choices later on, however, it isn’t mandatory at this time.

I must return and re do my ShareASale video clip tutorial. For the Time Being, You Can Nonetheless consult with some previous manual that Provides You Plenty of information Relating to This affiliate system:

For those who haven’t yet checked the brand new ShareASale dashboard, then you need to go and play with with it today.

Do reveal your first inspection and suggestions from this brand new UI together with me personally at the feedback beneath. Allow me to understand exactly what you prefer and everything else you desire to find from the future variants.

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